The Strait


Fifth Estate # 324, Fall, 1986

a review of The Strait: An Unfinished Novel by Fredy Perlman. Black & Red, Detroit

Judith Malina (1926-2015)


Fifth Estate # 394, Summer 2015 - Technology

Conversations with Judith Malina rarely ended without her advocating “the beautiful nonviolent anarchist revolution.” Strategy to realize it always followed. Her efforts to achieve this ideal resulted in her arrest for civil disobedience in twelve different countries.

Detroit’s jovial community


Fifth Estate # 368-369, Spring-Summer, 2005

In 1969 [when Fredy and Lorraine moved to Detroit], the “underground” newspaper the Fifth Estate addressed itself to the Detroit radical and counter-culture community. Fredy sought out the staff, and except for a brief period (when there was an attempt …

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