Revolutionary Education


Fifth Estate # 335, Winter, 1990-91

Share this on…a review of The Modern School Movement: Historical and Personal Notes on the Ferrer Schools in Spain, Contributions by Pura Perez, Mario Jordana, Abel Paz and Martha Ackelsberg, published by Friends of the Modern School, c/o Abe Bluestein,

Some Winded, Wild Beast


Fifth Estate # 335, Winter, 1990-91

Share this on…a review of Some Winded, Wild Beast, by Christina Pacosz. Black & Red (Detroit, 1985), 97 pages, $2.50. Share this on…

Detroit: demolished by design


Fifth Estate # 335, Winter, 1990-91

Share this on…It’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m jogging my two or three miles on the track at the downtown Detroit YMCA overlooking the gym where a group of about sixteen mostly black men are playing basketball. The man and woman

Aborigines Resist Genocide


Fifth Estate # 316, Spring, 1984

Share this on…It is small wonder that most Americans are not the least big cognizant of the plight of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia; the mainstream press here in the United States does not even recognize the struggles of its

Fifth Estate/Earth First!

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Fifth Estate # 333, Winter, 1990

Share this on…It already seems like a long time ago, but this past June three of us from the Fifth Estate staff headed out by train to New Mexico for our first Earth First! (EF!) Round River Rendezvous (RRR). This

Aberration: The Automobile

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Fifth Estate # 325, Spring, 1987

Share this on…Introduction It is said that the automobile industry created and brought life to the cities, but once again official history dangerously misrepresents and distorts the facts. In reality, it is responsible for the destruction of viable human communities

Newspeak and the Impoverishment of Language


Fifth Estate # 315, Winter, 1984

Share this on…In his appendix on language in the world of 1984, George Orwell explains that “Newspeak was the official language of Oceania and had been devised to meet the ideological needs of Ingsoc, or English Socialism.” Newspeak was created

Palestine: Legacy of Conquest


Fifth Estate # 328, Spring, 1988

Share this on…Having consistently destroyed organized Palestinian political and military resistance to Zionist colonial conquest, Israel must now contend with what is fast becoming a massive and generalized civil revolt. Share this on…

The House of Obedience


Fifth Estate # 312, Spring 1983

Share this on…reviewed in this article Juliette Minces, The House of Obedience: Women in Arab Society, 1980, translated from the French by Michael Pallis, Zed Press, 1982. Share this on…

Detroit, Demolished by Design: Violence, Racism, and Collapse of Community


Fifth Estate # 368-369, Spring-Summer, 2005

Share this on…The tales of violence go on-and-on. There is a bold arrogance that comes with class privilege and economic security and comfort. Certainly there are exceptions, but for the most part there is little or no sympathy in affluent

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