Convention Crashes!


Fifth Estate # 365, Summer, 2004

Share this on… NEW YORK, NY — August 31 (Dissociated Press) The campaign to re-appoint George Bush President is in full swing as a heat wave continued with Central Park recording its third consecutive 95 degree-plus day. Share this on…

Segregation Rising


Fifth Estate # 366, Fall, 2004

Share this on… While attending a meeting in Gainesville, Georgia to learn about the horrific effects of environmental racism, the conversation quickly turned to education. For decades African Americans have been fighting pollution and coping with obscene leukemia rates in

Stop Assimilating; Start Revolting


Fifth Estate # 370, Fall 2005

Share this on… a review of That’s Revolting! Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation, Edited by Mattilda, (AKA Matt Bernstein Sycamore), Soft Skull Press, Brooklyn, 2004, 318 pages, $16.95. Share this on…

Walls have never worked

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Fifth Estate # 373, Fall 2006

Share this on… Rafael Mutis was part of the Brooklyn 7 arrested at an APOC (Anarchist People of Color) party raided by the police in 2003. They won and exposed the arrogant racist NYPD detectives. He currently works as an

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