Evoking Spirit


Fifth Estate # 404, Summer, 2019

The inflated effigy of a head of state, dressed in nothing but a diaper, floats over a joyous crowd of protesters on a sunny day. Beneath the surface description, two spirits can be perceived, the vile spirit of a deranged …

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Becoming Masterless


Fifth Estate # 401, Summer 2018

a review of In Search of the Masterless Men of Newfoundland by Seaweed & Ron Sakolsky. Ardent Press, 2017 ardentpress.com

Anarchists Confront the Marxist State in Cuba


Fifth Estate # 394, Summer 2015 - Technology

The recent loosening of restrictions on economic transactions between citizens and companies in the U.S. and those in Cuba has been greeted by many liberals and leftists as a promise of what they designate as “prosperity” for the island. They …

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Tales From the Cybersphere


Fifth Estate # 392, Fall/Winter 2014 - Art & Anarchy

Longtime Fifth Estate friend and supporter Julie Herrada has contributed many articles and photos to the magazine over the last 15 years. These can be found by searching the growing archives on our site at FifthEstate.org. Use the Search box …

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Fifth Estate on the Web


Fifth Estate # 391, Spring/Summer 2014 - Anarchy!

Longtime contributor Penelope Rosemont has given the Fifth Estate a great many articles and graphics, all of them insightful and inciting to revolt (See her Fall 2013, “The Poisonous Cobra of Surrealism” essay). Her achievements go beyond writing and graphic …

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Tales from the Cybersphere: FE on the Web


Fifth Estate # 390, Fall, 2013

Besides contributing to this publication, three longtime Fifth Estate regulars have also had a part in shaping Detroit’s 1980s radical music scene.

Tales from the Cybersphere


Fifth Estate # 389, Summer, 2013

Since its radical beginnings the Fifth Estate has consistently been more than a magazine, indeed, more than a publication. From the start its staff and contributors–in Detroit and farther afield–have been engaged with anti-authoritarian activities and ideas that are hard …

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