Fascism & Pornography: A Response


Fifth Estate # 290, March 2, 1978

I When I first saw the headline of the article on pornography in the last issue of the Fifth Estate (“Fashionable Fascism—The Slick Misogyny of Porn,” #289, January 24, 1978) I was pleased that the question was finally being taken …

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Feminist City Club

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Fifth Estate # 272, May 1976

In mid-April Detroit women were invited to participate in the opening ceremonies for the new Detroit Feminist Women’s City Club, paid for by the recently-formed Feminist Economic Network (FEN). The City Club, located in downtown Detroit on Park Ave. across …

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PBB: Case Study of an Industrial Plague


Fifth Estate # 272, May 1976

During the first week of April 1976, Gerald Woltjer, an Ottowa County, Michigan, dairy farmer, shot down his 235-head dairy herd in order to draw attention to the nightmare of PBB–poisoning of Michigan livestock, poultry, and dairy products.

New Computer System Used Against Poor

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Fifth Estate # 270, March, 1976

In House appropriations Bill 4445 for fiscal year 1975-1976, the State Legislature has instructed the Department of Social Services (DSS), the Department of Labor (through the MESC) and the Department of the Treasury to “develop a plan for the exchange …

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Propagandada discovered in Detroit


Fifth Estate # 270, March, 1976

The Dadaists were writers and artists who made it their raison d’etre to destroy culture, or at least literature and art. They carried to its ultimate and absurd conclusion the distinction between form and content in art, rejecting literary conventions, …

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