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Cuba: The Train to Matanzas
Peter Werbe

The Light Source for Power
Raoul Vaneigem

Donald Trump & Wilhelm Reich

Happy Birthday, Utopia!
John Clark

No Borders!

Challenging the Nation State in Syria
Leila Al Shami

Ron Sakolsky

Fences & Nature’s Glory
Chellis Glendinning

A Transwoman at TSA Security
Jane Clark

Tearing Down the Prisons

Border Lines & Border Regions
Dennis Fox

Teaching Migration
Reg Johanson

Waiting for the Barbarians
Jesús Sepúlveda

The DIY Bandits
Ben Absurdo

Stoned on Ritualistic Bullshit
El Habib Louai

Shopping List for My Newborn Girl
Jessamine O’Connor

Beyond Automation
Bernard Marszalek

Pétroleuses & Witches
Wren Awry

Breaking Loose – Review

Montreal @ Theatre Festival

SMV: Social Media Virus – Play
A. Esmie Wright

Women’s Bodies – Review
Marieke Bivar

Anarchism: A Generative Force
Ian Lovelace

Future Tension
Jason Rodgers

Anti-Anarchism in Literature
Jim Feast

Happy Birthday, Unabomber?
David Watson


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