New York, New York

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Fifth Estate # 285, August, 1977

“Amid All the Camaraderie is Much Looting this Time; Seeing the City Disappear.” —Wall Street Journal headline, July 15 The Journal went on to quote a cop on what he saw, as the great Bastille Day break-out unfolded: “People are …

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But It Doesn’t Move


Fifth Estate # 325, Spring, 1987

a review of And Yet It Moves: The Realization and Suppression of Science & Technology, by Boy Igor, 1986, 120 pp., $5, Zamisdat Press, GPO Box 1255, Gracie Station, NY NY 10028.

Objections to Councilism

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Fifth Estate # 328, Spring, 1988

FE Note: This is a response to “More Minneapolis Anarchy,” the letters beginning on page 15 of this issue.



Fifth Estate # 315, Winter, 1984

When Winston Smith, in Orwell’s 1984, sits down to begin the diary which he has secretly acquired and which in and of itself is a criminal possession, he is mortified to discover that he has nothing—and everything—to say, that to …

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Notes on Captivity

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Fifth Estate # 284, July, 1977

“Few books today are forgivable. Black on the canvas, silence on the screen, an empty white sheet of paper, are perhaps feasible.” — R.D. Laing, The Politics of Experience

Multinational Unions


Fifth Estate # 282, April-May, 1977

It has never been more clear that trade unionism is ” absolutely essential to the survival as well as to the stability of world capitalism. The trend toward the consolidation of unions, their closer integration with the state, and, most …

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Unionism and Taylorism


Fifth Estate # 278, November, 1976

Tay-lor-ism n. 1. The scientific management of industrial operations. 2. The systematic reduction of work within a given industrial operation to separate, distinct, routinized tasks devoid of policy decisions. Each aspect is measured and timed for its highest efficiency. 3. …

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Unions and the Nazi Labor Front


Fifth Estate # 277, October 1976

Both Marxist and liberal historians have always depicted the Nazi movement as the bitter enemy of unions and the victory of German fascism as the death knell of the labor movement. A critical examination shows that, in fact, the opposite …

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A Gorilla Takes On Civilization–Sort Of


Fifth Estate # 346, Summer, 1995

a review of Ishmael, Daniel Quinn, 1993, Bantam/Turner, New York, 262 pp., $6.00.

PBS, Power & Postmodernism


Fifth Estate # 346, Summer, 1995

The Public Broadcasting System produces “programming” toward a more manageable society. In fact, it is the network rather expressly for managers, and what it airs can best be understood by keeping in mind this service to the managing class. The …

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